Highgate Beds is crafted in a Yorkshire based factory. We take our inspiration from the far reaches of the globe, so that we can bring not only the traditional aspects of the sleeping experience, but also the modern day technologies too. This includes our renowned Zero Gravity, which is a newly developed technological advancement, which we are proud to say we made, and have the exclusive right as a manufacturer over.

Quality Mattresses

Along with all of this, the ultimate goal is quality mattresses, and one to suit all needs, which is why we take precautions in trialling the products, before it even reaches the shop floor, or customer’s bedroom.


We are proud to be part of the BFM which stands for British Furniture Manufacturers. This is a trade association which has represented us trade companies, and is run by the industry members, to give an insight, and knowledge and information to the manufacturers of Britain. Our products are helped along with this representation, and guidelines.

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